Expression of the week- “Cold Feet”

Expression of the week- To get (have) cold feet.Meaning: when you suddenly become very afraid or nervous to do something. Example: I was going to try bungee jumping, but I got cold feet.  

Expression of the week – “Hold your horses”

“Hold your horses” is an expression used by English speakers to say ” wait a minute” or “hold on”. We also use it to tell someone to stop and carefully consider their decision about something. Example: Peter: Let’s go! Anne: Hold your horses! I haven’t finished my breakfast yet.

Interesting article: “Speaking languages protects against dementia, study finds”

A very interesting article from The Scotsman about the benefits of language learning.( :// ) An excerpt from the article: “Being able to speak another language protects against dementia and other age-related decline in brain power, a new study found. People who are bilingual are better at saving brain power and less prone to be distracted…

English expression of the week “as cool as a cucumber”

“As cool as a cucumber” is an expression used by English speakers when describing a person who stays cool and calm in difficult situations and who is untroubled by stress. Example: David: Was Sally nervous before her exam? Maria: I don’t think so. She looked as cool as a cucumber.